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Norka Glass Bottle Root Beer

Norka Glass Bottled Root Beer Review

Norka Root BeerNorka Glass Bottle Root Beer is from Akron, Ohio and was started in the 1920's but it didn't last throughout the 20th century. (Norka is Akron spelled in the reverse.)

In 1962 the 8 sparkling flavors bottled in glass from Norka that the Akron community embraced were gone. The next 50 years passed quickly and by 2015, Michael Considine, an Akron, Ohio resident decided to bring the beloved brand back.  As the brand has re-emerged, only 4 of their original 8 flavors have returned. 

Norka Root Beer is a good starting point for the beginner.  Some root beers can have too much bite for me (like Barq's) and others a little sweeter (Dang Root Beer) or overly flavored, masking the original Sarsaparilla root.  Norka uses quality all natural products with pure cane sugar and is both gluten and caffeine free. 

Its mid-range of flavor should be enjoyed by many, it's not too extreme with anise but with a hint of vanilla and carbonation.  This creamy Root Beer is much like that of A & W Root Beer.   

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John Meadows January 09, 2017 1 tags (show)
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